sorry i forgot the screenshot...

hi !

as you can see on the screenshot, that is attached, i have a table with 4
columns and a few rows
with text data.

in row 3 and 4, fop doesn't start or align the text as in the other rows.
only the text in the first column which is different, because it uses
text-align="center" in the fo:block,
has the same align in every row.

is this a bug or something ? or is this because of acrobat reader ?

beside i use a user font: arial.ttf

here's the code how the table cell with the "1"s look like:

<fo:table-cell border-left-style="none" border-right-style="none"
border-top-style="none" border-bottom-style="none" border-width="0.1mm"
border-style="solid" padding-top="3pt" padding-before="3pt"
padding-start="3pt" padding-end="3pt" padding-after="3pt">

        <fo:block font-family="Arial" font-size="8pt" text-align="end">1</fo:block>



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