It really depends on what type of extension you want to do.
This is an area that will change and become much easier in the future (in 
theory). Examples and help will be available for the new way of doing 

Could you tell us what you want your extension to do so that we have more 
ideas on what type of extensions people are thinking about. Then we can 
work out how they should be handled if possible.

So to answer your question, there are some extensions but it really 
depends on what you want to do.

On 2002.03.01 08:33 Adrian Edwards wrote:
> Hi fop-dev,
> Has anyone written a simple(ish) FOP extension that they would be
> willing to share with the list (or even just me) as an example?  I'm
> talking full jar file here.  The lack of examples (other than the quite
> complicated SVG extension) in the docs and on the mailing lists is quite
> frustrating.
> We don't have to go through the work of writing it up for publication
> (yet).  Just seeing the mechanics of someone else's jar would be great
> for beginners.
> Thanks in advance.

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