hi everyone,

hope you had a nice weekend :-]

here is something to think about.

I use the font for all my documents i render (prolly 8 different). They all
have the same disclamer etc...
when i render some documents the display of the font is not good. I mean
that some letters are literally glued to each-other.
I don't know excactly how to describe it so i will attach some documents
that work and that not work. Does anybody have the same problem?

ps. i turn a winnt 4 servicepack 6a, J.D.K 1.3.1, fop-0.20.3rc2-src.tar.gz.

them that work are called: fp.pdf
next mail will contain one that doesn't work

 (See attached file: sp.pdf)

Jochen Maes
EDP departement

Havenlaan 16
1080 Brussel

Tel : 02/429.96.81
Fax : 02/429.17.48


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