Hello all:


Okay, here’s my problem. After a lot of experimenting, reading the mail archives, and trying different things, I was finally able to embed fonts into my pdf. But, after the initial joy of my success wore off, I discovered a new problem. The text that uses the embedded font is invisible when you cut and paste it into another document. Also, although it displayed in the pdf on my computer, it would only display sometimes on a different computer, even though the other computer used the same version of Adobe Acrobat as mine (although it runs on Windows XP while mine runs on Windows 2000).


We are running Cocoon 2 on Apache Tomcat 4.0.1. Cocoon is using fop 0.20.3, and the font I embedded is a true type font – Swiss 721 Light BT. I found some information about a patch by Rafal which addresses this but it appears my version of fop already has this applied. Could somebody please help me with this.


Thanks a lot, Kyle.


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