It looks like you have some illegal character in your String. At least, 
illegal from  the point of view of the code that reads/uses this String.

What plateform/encoding do you use ?

You said you want to put the binary date into a DB field. Do you use some 
outpustream that can hold these bytes ?

My last comment wil be : This doesn't look like a Fop question but rather 
like a Java Byte Stream issue.

I hope this helps


At 09:11 06/03/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>Thanks for your answer, but that doesn't help. The same problem I have, when
>I give
>up this outputStream to the console. There it seems to be uncutted, but when
>I mark
>the whole String and copy it in the notepad, it will be cutted.

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