fred redf wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have a prob with *some* jpeg images that are
> replaced by a black square inside the pdf. I looked
> for differences in photoshop, but i could not figure
> what is the difference. That problem did not occured
> with older
> versions of fop.
> Anyone has a clue?
> Thanks in advance,
> Fred.

I have played around with this.
After a simple open and save with irfanview
this problem disappears. The resulting file
is slightly different. The information dialog
of irfanview did not report some differences
(despite of the file length) to the old image.

So far, i have no other idea than
that jimi may have some problems with some
information, encodings, compression ...
provided/used in your jpeg.

Ciao, Sven.

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