Thanks Keiron.  Look forward to seeing the example.

Can you please announce the commit on this thread for completeness of
the archive?

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I will note the type of extension you are considering.

I am going to commit an example extension of a different type to the cvs

trunk. This works in a slightly different way but demonstrates the

On 2002.03.04 03:00 Adrian Edwards wrote:
> Hi Keiron,
> Fair question, although it is not so much which classes to modify that
> am having trouble with, but just the mechanics of constructing and
> referencing an extension jar file that I would like to see.  Perhaps
> is my lack of experience with the Apache project, but the current
> documentation appears to assume some knowledge that I just do not
> I am confident that seeing _any_ example extension at all, regardless
> its purpose, would clear up my confusion.
> There are a number of extensions I am considering, but each of them
> shares the common requirement of leveraging PDF functionality
> (understandably) not supported by XSL-FO.  So the basic model is that
> some custom elements in the FO tree need to produce layout objects
> result in some specific PDF syntax.
> I guess the simplest example would be that we would like something
>   <my:script-link
>     script="app.execMenuItem('AcroSrch:Query');"
>   >Search</my:script-link>
> to result in a text box referencing the following PDF action:
>   << /S /JavaScript /JS (app.execMenuItem("AcroSrch:Query");) >>
> Pretty simple stuff, and I can easily follow the processing of
> fo:basic-link to create the code I need, but how do I package that
> (or any other) so that FOP recognises script-link and processes it
> my code?
> I look forward to your response (and to the "new way of doing things"
> ;-)
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> From: Keiron Liddle [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Friday, 1 March 2002 8:13 PM
> Subject: Re: Example extension
> Hi,
> It really depends on what type of extension you want to do.
> This is an area that will change and become much easier in the future
> (in
> theory). Examples and help will be available for the new way of doing
> things.
> Could you tell us what you want your extension to do so that we have
> more
> ideas on what type of extensions people are thinking about. Then we
> work out how they should be handled if possible.
> So to answer your question, there are some extensions but it really
> depends on what you want to do.
> On 2002.03.01 08:33 Adrian Edwards wrote:
> > Hi fop-dev,
> >
> > Has anyone written a simple(ish) FOP extension that they would be
> > willing to share with the list (or even just me) as an example?  I'm
> > talking full jar file here.  The lack of examples (other than the
> quite
> > complicated SVG extension) in the docs and on the mailing lists is
> quite
> > frustrating.
> >
> > We don't have to go through the work of writing it up for
> > (yet).  Just seeing the mechanics of someone else's jar would be
> > for beginners.
> >
> > Thanks in advance.

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