There was a post on this a while back; I can't remember all the specifics,
but it appears that borders and/or padding was adding up.  When I changed my
'padding-after="5mm"' to 'space-after="5mm"', the problem disappeared.


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Subject: Problems using <fo:basic-link>

I'm using <fo:basic-link
to point to a webpage. Now, when I convert it to a PDF document I see the 
following problem:
  <fo:basic-link external-destination="" 
indicate-destination="true" font-style="normal" color="blue" 
font-size="8pt">Click here to search the web</fo:basic-link>

When I put the mouse over the text that has the link attached to("Click 
here to search the web"). The mouse pointer doesn't change. It only changes 
when I move it a little ABOVE the linked text. After it changed to a little 
finger I can click it and it will open the webpage. I also notice that when 
I click, a little box over the text turns black. The size of the box is 
always the size of the word that is below it. You have to try this out 
urself to see what I mean. I will try to describe it here:

Click here to search the web

So the mouse only changes when I point it above the text. If I'm over the 
word "search" the marked area([XXXXX]) will turn black temporarily. The 
area that turns black always is the size of the underlying word.
What is going on here? It seems that Fop is having a problem with the 
referenced area? The link sensitive area seems to be displaced in relation 
to the corresponding text.
Is this a bug?
I'm using fop-0.20.2.
Has this been fixed in fop-0.20.3 ?

Thanks for any help,

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