I have spent some time looking at the embedding sample, and I have some
questions.  I have successfully implemented FOP as a WebService having the
XSL-FO data posted to the service and the service rendering the file onto
the local machine.  Now I want to do the XML/XSL to XSL-FO transform in the

I noticed that the transform occurs in the XSLInputHandler.  This then
allows for an InputSource and XMLReader to be available to the
Driver.render() overloaded method.  The unfortunate part is the
XSLInputHandler constructor only takes File object, no stream.  I'd like to
avoid bouncing the XML data off the disk just to statisfy this requirement
for using XSLInputHandler.

So, my question is this, how can I arrive at the same results, an
InputSource and an XMLReader interfaced object for Driver.render()?  Or
better yet, what I'm asking is what is going on inside XSLInputHandler that
I can slurp out into my code.  Tx :)


David B. Bitton

Diversa ab illis virtute valemus.

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