Do your documents employ any encryption?  Also, why aren't you opening the new window with the url to the servlet in the first place?
Also, I'm confused as to the use of the cookie (personnaly, i'm fond of cookie monster myself).  I can see that you are "serving" the pdf from within the servlet.  Try, just for kicks, saving it to disk, and then sending down that Jscript.  If anything, I'd be curious to see what happens.
I code web for a living, so, any questions, feel free...
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Thank you for the advice.  We are handling the PDFs a little differently, however, and are running on Apache.
In the JSP file that displays content in the browser, we have the following link within a form named documentmanagementsearchnavigation:
<a href="#" ><img src="javascript:void(0);" width="29" height="60" border="0" alt="Print Unprinted Approved Documents in the list."></a>

Here is the batchPrintDocument function in the javascript file:

function batchPrintDocument( form )
     var option = "HEIGHT=400,WIDTH=700,scrollbars=1,status=1,menubar=1";
     newWindow ="BatchPrint.html", "BatchPrintDocumentWindow", option);
     result = getCookieData();
     if (result == "")
       result = 0;
       document.cookie = "app=" + result;
       result = parseInt(result) + 1;
       document.cookie = "app=" + result;
     var source = "Servlet?actiontotake=batchprintdocument.pdf&cookie="+result;
     newWindow.location = source;    

     return false;

We define the batchprintdocument.pdf action in the Servlet.  The batch function in the servlet actually builds one large document that consists of many smaller documents.  For instance, a user can print one individual report or click on the batch print icon to print all of the reports.  She is able to print one doc OK, but receives the error when printing batch printing all documents even when there is only 1 or 2 docs to be batch printed.

This feature is working well, except on her computer.  We suspect it is her configuration.

Thanks again!!



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How is the PDF being served to the user?  Is it coming from an ASP page and being Response.BinaryWrite'ed?  The best work around that I'm using for this problem is this:
I persist the file on the server, then send this to the browser:
<script language="javascript">
This way, IE will go fetch the file itself.  If you are using IIS, save the docs in their own folder, then go into the IIS setting, and enable content expiration (it's on the HTTP Headers tab) just for that folder and set it to expire immediately.  If you don't do this, IE will keep pulling the PDF from it's cache if you re-use filenames.
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Subject: Acrobat 5.0 Error

Thanks in advance for your time and help.
I know this is not exactly an FOP issue, but will be very helpful to the folks who are already in a production environment.
I have a user running WIN NT and views FOP-generated PDFs in Acrobat 5.0 within Internet Explorer.
When she opens the PDF, she receives the error:
File does not begin with  :%PDF...
She receives a dialog box then clicks OK and gets a blank screen.  In our offices, we are able to view the same documents in Acrobat 5.0 with no problem.

At this time, I think it is a problem on the user's PC.  I am hoping someone has seen this type of problem before.  I am able to see that, on my computer, the PDF starts with :%PDF.   Why is her Acrobat interpreting it differently?
P.S.  I also had her try the option to NOT view it in the browser.  I had no success with this either.

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