Raimund Kammering wrote:

> Hi,
> in the announcement for the fop 0.20.3 release there was a note about
> EPS images. I am not sure what this means:
>     a.) Now you can also use EPS images in the FOP -> PDF process
>     b.) FOP can now produce an EPS file as output

For the announcement I just copied some stuff from CHANGES:
(I really shouldn't write announcements that late..)

-Add support for EPS images in PostScript renderer and limited EPS
  support in PDF Renderer (Tore Engvig)

I don't know what limited means here, maybe Tore can comment.

> A simple include by
>     <fo:external-graphic src="myepsfile.eps"
>                                   width="400px"
>                                   scaling="uniform"
>                                   display-align="center"/>
> (just the way as it is done with JPEG) dose not work. I got an error
> message like:
>     --snip--
>     [INFO]: [2]
>     [ERROR]: Batik not in class path
>     [ERROR]: Error while creating area : No ImageReader for this type of
> image (myepsfile.eps)
>     --snip--
> What am I doing wrong (by the way batik IS definitely in my classpath)?
> Or is there no support for input of EPS images - meaning b.) was right?

Hmm, the error message with Batik seems to be wrong, I'll have a look
a this.

> Any comments and tips are very wellcome!

Maybe there is a epstosvg converter?
Or we could add support for PDF "graphics", I've succsessfully used
epstopdf and PDFTeX some time ago.

> Raimund


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