As far as I can tell, the best way to fit your columns would be to 
shrink the PDF, depending on how many columns wide your output is.  I 
haven't determined any sort of way to get columns to render across a 
 set of horizontally pages while rendering down vertical page breaks at 
the same time.  :(

If you fix the height of the columns, however, you could easily tell 
where on the next page the columns would be.

Another idea might be to use the area tree XML- you could parse it into 
a second XSL:FO to create the horizontal pages across and run it through 
FOP again.


>I need to be able to print a table under a landscape type setup but, I would
>the report flow to print all the columns and then all rows. Another way to
>it is I may have more columns that will fit on a page so I want the page
>to first break and complete all the columns for the row and then I guess go
>to start the next row. Anyone have a solution for this?
>TIA, Jason
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