I will assume that your running on a windows platfrom since you ran the
runtest.bat file. I don't have a windows 95/98/NT machine in front of me,
but they are probably close to this procedure.

you need to set an environment variable call JAVA_HOME to the subdirectory
in which your jsdk is installed..

from the desktop:
you can set an environment variable in windows 2000 by:

right clicking on "my computer" and selecting "properties"
click on the "advanced" tap at the top,
click on the "environment variables" button
click on the "New" button under system variables window
and type in the variable name "JAVA_HOME"
then under the variable value type in the subdirectory that you installed
your java program...
    (ie.. i am using j2sdk1.4.0-rc so I would type in c:\j2sdk1.4.0-rc)
then click on ok..

to verify that your environment variable got installed you can open a DOS
session and type "set" at the prompt. This will list out all the environment

from the dos prompt you can set the JAVA_HOME environment variable also,
however, the scope of the variable will only last for that DOS session that
you set the variable in. If you close that DOS windows the variable also
goes away.
from the DOS prompt type

set JAVA_HOME=c:\j2sdk1.4.0-rc

this will set the JAVA_HOME environment variable, but it will only be for
current DOS session.

hope this helps.


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First of all, sorry for my english, because is not very well.

My problem is this, when I want execute the archive runtest.bat, the error
is this :
Fop Test
ERROR: JAVA_HOME not found in your environment.
Please, set the JAVA_HOME variable in your environment to match the
location of the Java Virtual Machine you want to use.

Can you explain me how to resolve this problem.


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