Hi, Karen

Well, _I_ am interested. :-) Already scanned it once, but I'll definitely
give it a thorough read quite soon.

I think I might be able to resume contributing to FOP layout stuff sooner
than I thought. I don't mean the image stuff which is still on my plate but
more the guts that you and Keiron have already been tackling. The design
ethos that I see expressed in the new FOP so far conforms to how I would do
things anyway - we had lots of discussion about it last year and I don't
recall that anyone expressed dissatisfaction with the idea of managers. I
certainly didn't. :-)

In fact I am using managers in my xslfo-proc prototype. They are really
rough around the edges at the moment but I expect to have fairly clean code
and good design docs for a first prototype release in about 2 weeks. I
already had "First PDF" yesterday, albeit on a very simple example, and not
without errors. I am hoping that much of the layout design in xslfo-proc can
conform rather closely to New FOP, so that if in future the production C/C++
codebase gets folded back into Apache XML FOP, that there will _not_ be
distinctly different designs.

The main difference I believe is that the tree-based FOP approach lends
itself to more layout sophistication at less cost (in understanding and
complexity) than does a SAX-based approach like xslfo-proc. But because a
SAX-based XSL formatter must also maintain a working subset of FOs, raw
layout, managers, and areas, at some point the approaches blur into each
other. The main difference is other requirements - in the case of xslfo-proc
one of those is memory, so some sophistication will be sacrificed in order
to minimize storage. Ironically, the existing FOP, for all the advantage
that it takes of having the entire tree available to it, may as well have
been written using SAX directly. But I think another advantage of having
xslfo-proc in the wings is that it may provide pointers as to how the new
FOP can be moved to SAX, with little actual impact, hence addressing memory
concerns. We'll see.

In fact I am switching to FOP for the rest of the day, to start looking at
the image layout, so I'll be mixing stuff up a fair bit from now on.


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Karen Lease
Sent: March 17, 2002 12:19 PM
Subject: Break Possibility scheme in new layout

I wrote a fairly detailed description of the Break Possibility idea and
put it in the design docs section, for anyone who's interested.

Could someone please tell me the procedure for getting the html version
of the design docs regenerated on the web site? Or does this just
magically happen?


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