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  <?xml version="1.0" standalone="no"?>
  <!-- How to get Help -->
          <title>How to get Help</title>
          <subtitle>Solving problems</subtitle>
  <s1 title="How to get Help">
                        <p>Have a look at the documentation pages on this site. You 
can find information on how to run FOP, 
                        how to embedd it, how to add custom fonts etc.</p>
                        <p>Consult the <jump href="faq.html">FAQ</jump> to see if your 
question has already been answered before.</p>
                        <p>If you have a question concerning XSL:FO that is not 
related to FOP directly, please consult the various
                        resources on the net. See <jump 
href="resources.html">Resources</jump> for some interesting links.</p>
                        <p>Before you post your questions to one of the mailing lists, 
please search the mailing list archives, since it's 
                        possible that your question has already been answered but it 
may not have found its way into the FAQ. You'll
                        find links to the mailing list archive in the <jump 
                        <p>If you still can't solve your problem subscribe to FOP's 
user mailing list and post your question there. Please
                        don't forget to supply the version you're using, detailed 
error messages etc. This makes it easier to help you. 
                        The instructions on how to subscribe can be found in the <jump 
                        <p>Please don't use Bugzilla to post questions and please ask 
on the user mailing list first, if you think you've 
                        found a bug.</p>

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