"Joe Sytniak" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I am able to create XSL for normal transformations to  HTML just fine. But in
> order to get XSLFO to work, I must change the names of  the 'rs:data' and
> 'z:row' nodes to something that does not contain a colon  charater (ie.
> rs-data & z-row).

Such changes should not be necessary.

In what sense does "XSLFO not work"? What are the exact symptoms?
Do you get an error message or unexpected results? Is the problem
caused by the transformation or during formatting? Did you inspect
the intermediate FO? Can you show the relevant parts of your XSLT
and source XML (please trim the files down to the problematic parts)?

XSLT questions are better asked on the XSL list


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