> Michael Gratton wrote:
>  > There was a problem with MessageHandler.error() in that patch. The
>  > attached patch fixes that and makes MessageHandler.log() a bit more
>  > readable. It also includes a fix for the outstanding
>  > ToBeImplementedProperty problem - by using MessageHandler.
> I've committed both (the second MessageHandler patch and the one for
> the servlet examples, but still need to re-create the war file..)

I'd suggest we move the embedding example into the contrib directory
(need to create that one for the maintenance branch, I think) and build
that WAR from the build script. That may reduce the size of the
distribution and lets people build their own WAR if they want to change

If you don't want to do it, you can tell me and I'm going to do that
during the weekend and send you a patch.

>  > Note that the document patch on the previous message is still valid.
> Err .. the documentation is done in the main branch only and as
> Jeremias has already made some changes I need to have a closer look
> if the patch still "applies".

Well, I hope I did that documentation stuff right. I imagined that I
have to do the documentation versus the main branch so it gets enabled
under Tell me, if I have to change anything else.

Jeremias Märki


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