Antonio Marín Fernández wrote:
> I am a new user of FOP but i want to use Xerces and i don't know how can 
> install it. When i use the samples from Xerces the java compiler tell me 
> org.w3c.dom.Document doesn't exist.

This is a basic Java classpath issue.

If you got the binary distribution of FOP there is no
need to download/install Xerces separately, a Xerces
binary is already included in the distribution.
You can test run FOP by opening a console, change
the the directory where you unpacked the FOP distribution,
and enter
  fop examples/fo/ simple.pdf
There should be a file "simple.pdf in the current
directory afterwards. Look into the files fop.bat
(in Windows) or (Linux/Unixes) how the
classpath is set.

Further than that, installing Xerces/compiling Xerces
examples and similar stuff is not on charter for this
list. Ask on the Xerces list, or, better, get a local
Java-savvy person to have a look at your problems.


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