Hi, thank you for your response.
I was asked to generate response letters offline. The letters will have a standard text with an exception of
things like first name, last name, address etc. Because the letters are uniformed I have decided to have
some sort of letter template and during the FOP process to plug in variables into the prearranged slots.
The generated letters will be send as an attachment in form of PDF files to our clients. That is the scope.
I have decided to use xsl-fo to create my letter templates and create DOM document that will consist
purely of variable data that I will get from the data base. By running FOP I am planning to generate PDF files.
I do have few years in developing with java/jsp. I did generate letters before using PdfLib.
I am novice with XML, XSL, FOP. I about to create the following projects in our repository:
Xerces(xerces.jar), Xalan(xalan.jar), FOP(fop.jar) and logkit(logkit.jar). I am not sure if I need anything else.
I am going to use an embedded FOP and run it in the "MAIN" method.
I would appreciate any help.
John Cherny.

"J.Pietschmann" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

04/03/02 10:34 AM
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> I have to generate PDF letters files. To do that I have decided to use
> FOP files as letter templates supplying
> variables(name, address...) via XML. It is going to be a batch job,
> running "main" method developing
> with Visual Age, WebSphere 3.5. Is anyone has examples?
> Most importantly, I have no idea what libraries to download, where to
> install and how to configure.

You are asking for something big. Moreover, i can't
quite figure out what your actual requirements are.

The easiest way seems to be to contact your friendly
IBM support.
Other than that it would be useful to know:
1. How much experience do you have in running WebSphere
 and deploying code for WebSphere?
2. How much experience do you have in Java programming
 in general and in servlet/JSP stuff in particular?
3. How extensive have you already dealt with XML stuff?
4. How much experience do you have in developing
5. How much experience do you have in running FOP?
6. What do you mean by "batch job"? Conventionally
 this is not used in assiciation with a web application


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