At 00:10 04/04/02, Cai, Jenny (US - Dallas) wrote:

>I just started researching on how to use FOP and am trying to find some 
>existing sample example to run and see how it works.  I have downloaded 
>two files:
>1. fop-0.20.3-bin.tar.gz
>2. fop-0.20.3-src.tar.gz
>What is the diference between these two and how to run the examples?

Hi Jenny,

Firstly user type questions should be asked on the fop-user list rather 
than the fop-dev list.

The two files you have listed follow a standard naming convention amongst a 
large number of software projects. The one with "src" in the name contains 
the java source code and is the one you want if you can program in Java at 
all or know what an SDK is. The other one assumes that you still have a 
Java Runtime Engine but doesn't require you to compile any java code. It 
contains the compiled java code and is probably the one you want. (Probably!)

Anyway in the archive you will find a docs directory with some great 
documentation and within that an examples directory with some sample FO 
files. There should be a readme file which explains how to "run" the examples.

I think this is in both the bin and the src archives.

Any further questions please ask on the fop-user mailing list or email me 
I am offering free email help with Open Source Software to London companies 
and I think Deloitte has a London office :-)

Ooops that sounded like advertising. Tut tut Alex.

Alex McLintock

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