Joshua Marinacci wrote:
> I must be missing something, but for the life of me I can't figure out 
> how to create
> a single page with vertically centered text. I want to create a title 
> page which will have
> the text  Blah Blah by Whoever   on three lines, all grouped together in 
> the center
> of the page without explicitly setting how far down on the page it is.  
> I've set the vertical-align attribute of a block but it's still stuck at 
> the top of the page.

The attribute is display-align. You can use it on a region
(preferably with static content, or use it in a block element
which is as high as the page. Unfortunately, the height
property doesn't seem to work on a plain fo:block. A table
seems to work, try:
       <fo:table table-layout="fixed">
         <fo:table-column column-width="{you page width}"/>
           <fo:table-row height="{you page heigth}">
             <fo:table-cell display-align="center">
               <fo:block font-size="40pt" text-align="center">foo</fo:block>


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