Fop Status - April 10

The layout process remains the critical path to the further development of 
properties and elements.
Many other areas are getting attention, such as configuration and 


understanding docs - Cyril, Peter, Keiron, Karen
added portuguese hyphenation - Paulo Soares
implemented simple vertical alignment for line area - Keiron

working on (if any details are incorrect or someone feels left out give us 
a yell :)
image handling - Arved
line area layout, understanding - Keiron
avalon/configuration - Nicola
properties/build/configuration/design - Peter
FAQ - Joerg, Alex
features/limitations list - Chuck Paussa and others
documentation - Cyril
rtf renderer - Bertrand
PDF Forms extension - Hansuli Anderegg

Things to do:
Apart from the things that are being done there are a number of areas we 
can work on to create a better FOP.

In general we have:
Get a solid understanding and basis for the layout process.
structure renderer
simple examples

Maintenance releases

russian for AWTViewer - Alex V. Alishevskikh
Updated Ant - Christian
Use ant style task for build - Christian

A maintenance release will be required. This will be after batik1.5 is 

working on:
maintenance updates - Christian

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