I have been trying to convert html code to xsl:fo with a converter program.
In html there are statements like -
      <td width="20%" colspan="3" class="qdtnl" height="18">Customer</td>
      <td width="30%" colspan="3" class="qdtnd" height="18">:
      <td width="25%" class="qdtnl" height="18">xyz</td>
      <td width="25%" class="qdtndlc" height="18">: [~abc~] </td>
I know I need to explicitely specify column widths in fo , like-

 <fo:table-column column-width="2in"/>
 <fo:table-column column-width="3in"/> before the fo:table-body.
I have some thoughts like..
 first- to see how many ' <td ..> </td> statements exist between its '<tr>  
 </tr>' in the html source code and then in fo code to create as many lines 
 of  '<fo:table-column column-width="(20/100 * 8)in"/>'  before  the        
 '<fo:table-body>'.                 ( Here- 20% in html code is being       
 converted to inches in fo.)                                                
 next- to change 'colspan=2' etc. in the html source code to '              
 number-columns-spanned="2" ' with in a  fo:table-cell                      
 Is this a good approach? or   if anybody has better sugestions please let  
 me know..                                                                  
 Further I don't have any idea to handle  attributes like class in the <td  
 .. > of source code for conversion into fo code.                           
 If you dealt this issue already pl. let me know                            


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