Rich Van Deren wrote:
> I have tried to read the docs. I had used distinct before but not in an 
> embedded application.
> Function not supported. Is my error message.
> <xsl:for-each 
> select="xalan:distinct(/Resume/WorkHistoryInfo/...

This is an extension function. You appear to have
a problem with the Xalan installation which is used
by your embedded FOP.

Either your application uses an outdated Xalan version
(as for example WebSphere 3.x does), or extension
functions have been disabled. Find a Xalan version
which works and install it so that your application
uses it. Consult the manuals of your application for
how to do this, usually you have to copy your Xalan
jars into a certain directory, and/or adding them
to the classpath.

Alternatively, get rid of the extension function and
use Munchean Grouping. Start here:


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