Greetings FOP experts.

I am building report engine for tomcat.  What I do is stream the data into
and XML file and the resulting file is passed to the  XSLTInputHandler with
appropriate XSLT.  Currently everything works quite well, however, all
carriage returns in the data are stripped out during the PDF conversion in
the XSLTInputHandler.  After reading the XSL spec on w3c this seems to be
behaving as expected: The default linefeed-treatment is set to be
treat-as-space so all CRs are changed to spaces :(.   As well, when I try to
set linefeed-treatment="preserve" I get the following warning during

        property - "linefeed-treatment" is not implemented yet.

It seems to me that there has to be a way to get around this.  Surely,
someone out there has CRs in their data that they want to render?


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