David B. Bitton wrote:
> Can someone give me a 100 words or less on keep-together?  What I'm most
> confused is using 1 through 9 as apposed to always.  I think my
> keep-together problem would be solved with this, but I'm not sure how to use
> it.  Tx :)

I don't think keep-together will solve your problem
if you are using FOP, because it's not implemented.

For the numbers: they indicate the strength of the
keep condition, higher numbers mean greater strength.
This is useful because long stretches of keep may have
to be broken anyway.
An example:
  <fo:block keep-together="1">
    <fo:block keep-together="3">
    <fo:block keep-together="5">
If the span is too long to fit the available space
(the page, for example), or there are other conditions
which lead the renderer to the conclusion that there
should be a break anyway (for example because large
white areas look awful), the strenght of the
keep-condition is used to determine your preferences
for a break. In the example above, the renderer will
first check whether a break between the two embedded
blocks will be acceptable, because that's the keep
whith the lowest precedence. If that fails, it will
try to break within the first embedded block, and
if this still fails, it will try the second.

Does this help?


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