I think this problem is due to new headers added on tomcat 4.0.3 response. It's 
dificult to explain but I will try it!!!

1. IE sends the request to your servlet on a protected context. 
2. Your servlet tries to send the file but tomcat adds a no-cache header.
3. IE receives the file but not show it, first, tries to find some strange files on 
your server (on vti dir) and tries to get the
   file from the cache.
4. But no-cache header has been send so IE has not saved the file, so IE cannot 
display it.

This is an IE issue, but IE is installed on a lot of PCs, so people of tomcat project 
should care about this. Maybe you can contact
with tomcat guys and ask him to add a configuration parameter to configure the headers 
sended on protectec contexts.

This is a tomcat issue, not a fop issue.

Vicente Salvador

> Alberto Alarcon wrote:
> > Hi
> >    I am using FOP to embbed pdf files in browser with a servlet, using
> > tomacat 4.0.3, I try the FOPSERVLET example and its working fine, but if
> > I
> > put the security constraint in the web.xml file of my context , I get a
> > white page, instead of de pdf file, the pdf file is generated correctly,
> > if
> > I save to disk, i can see it, but is not showed in the browser.
> What do you mean by "security constraint"? Do you get your
> PDF again if you remove the "security constraint"? It this
> case it is likely that this is a problem with your server.

Yes, I mean the security stuff and resource protection in Tomcat, the funy
thing is, i just have problems with pdf generated with FOP, if i put a PDF
file, i can see it, thats while I send my comment to FOP list.
> Otherwise, it may be your browser, some IEx versions are
> known to have problems starting Acrobat reader under certain
> circumstances.

I test with diferents versions of IE and acrobat reader, I didnt tried with
Netscape, i will try.

> > fop Fop-0.20.3rc
> It is recommended to upgrade to the final 0.20.3 release
> in all cases.
Thanks, i update it.

> J.Pietschmann

Any way, i have a work around to this, i made another tomcat context with
out security, only with the ServletReport, and using
response.sendRedirect("myReportContext/myServletReport + parameters") from
my protected servlet and work fine.

But if any body know want to try, and found why this happend, i be happy if
let me know why.


Alberto Alarcon

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