I've got a mapping application where I'm generating a report with a
plot of the map. Currently I'm using Batik's SVGGraphics2D to do the
plotting, which is certainly easy enough, and then saving that to an
SVG file, writing an FO file that references it as an external graphic
and then run FOP to generate the PDF.

This works fine, but uses a ton of memory - we frequently run over the
default 64MB java heap limit, and we try to run on machines with only 64MB

So, I'm looking at alternatives. Both Batik and FOP are hoggish, but a
lot of the cranking and grinding seems to be in writing the SVG to a
DOM and then saving it, then in reparsing the SVG back into DOM and
writing that (transcoding?) to PDF. Also it looks like in 0.20.3 at
least it reads the SVG twice, once to get its sizing, and once to get
the actual graphics.

Anyway, I noticed that there is a PDFGraphics2D implementation as well. What
I'm considering is an implementation of FopImage that references a
callback to draw the graphics from my map display during PDF
generation itself - presumably this would avoid the entire SVG
write-read cycle, and perhaps eat up less memory. 

Does this seem reasonable? Just from poking around in 0.20.3 it looks
like I would just need implementations of FopImage and ImageReader;
ImageReader to report sizing etc. and FopImage to do the actual
rendering. I'm of course assuming that PDFGraphics2D will do what I
want - which is, at the point at which the graphic is to be written to
the PDF, allow me to use standard Java graphics commands to write it. 

One area I got totally lost in was in how to register this
implementation with the FopImageFactory or whatever so that it would
get called correctly. Any help on this would be appreciated.



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