> Would it be possible to implement background-image as one image
> containing  the small image X times stacked side by side and top to
> bottom. The problem  is if the image is very small it took a very long
> time to display it in  acrobat reader.

It should be possible, but I'm not sure how feasible it is. You could either
concatenate the images together on a single large image in Fop, and hand
that to the renderer, or you could ask the renderer to take an image and
tile it over an area, allowing the renderer to optimise it as much as it can.

IMHO, the latter approach would be the better way to go, so it is then up to
the renderer as to whether or not it can render the background as one large
image or as many smaller ones, depending on the target format's capabilities.

As I said, I'm not sure how feasible this is for the PDFRenderer, as I'm not
terribly familiar with PDF's in general. Perhaps a PDF guru could shed some
light here?

> On a second file I am getting the message:
> [ERROR] BodyAreaContainer::getNextArea(): Span attribute messed up
> What does this mean?

Good question. I've encountered this before, but given I can't remember what
caused it or what I did to make it go away, so it can't be too important.. 8)

If you can send me a minimal test case, or (preferably) open a bug on this
issue, assugn it to me and attach the test case to that, I'll take a look at it.


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