ThanX fred

After many hours of work for scaling the picture right (with attention for
margins and static areas etc.), now I've accidental changed the layout
master set "extend" attributes of the regions: before and after as well as
the top/bottom margin unit of measures from "mm" to "px" for space saving
and the problem ends up in smoke. The image is scaled correct and no
infinite loop occures. I think there is a rounding failure anywhere deep in
the program on translation different unit of measures into pixels, which
produces this failure.

By Torsten

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Hi all,

I had the same prob in my project. I made a little
java class (based on some code i found on the
internet) that calculate the actual width of my image.
I call that class inside my xsl (thru xalan java
extension). Then, according to some rules, i configure
width="Xcm" inside external graphic tag.

Here is some example of my code :

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