I've moved this to fop-dev.  Look over the documentation that we have 
(basically, the web site html) and see what you think.  As a 
non-programmer, you will be mainly interested in the user perspective. 
 How much of a non-programmer are you?  If you can grok the code at all, 
your input on the Understanding section, which Cyril Rognon is currently 
collecting and html-ifying, might be appreciated.

Have you read the spec?  This is a tall order, but I think it would be 
useful if a writer with some understanding of the spec could monitor the 
design discussions and, referring them back to the spec, develop a 
series of notes - like annotations on the spec - which unified the often 
scattered references in the text on certain difficult issues.  If you 
are subscribed to fop-dev, you will have seen the recent discussions on 
layout and line-area handling.  Related to that is the gradual 
building-up of a form of "concept index" into the specification, perhaps 
in the form of a FADesignQ.  More simply, a series of precis on the 
design discussions about controversial, or just plain difficult, areas, 
summing up the points of view and the eventual, one hopes, resolution.

Does any of this appeal to you?


Matthew Huggett wrote:

> Hi:
> Is there anything that a non-programmer can do to help the FOP 
> project? I'm a technical writer.  Is there anything involving 
> documentation that needs to be done?
> Matthew

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