I have a fo document for printing mailing labels and positioning on the
printed document needs to be exact.  FOP generates a perfectly spaced PDF
document, but when I print it, Acrobat scales it down a bit and throws the
whole thing off.  Digging around I found that unchecking "Shrink oversized
pages to paper size" makes it print exactly what I want, but "Shink" is
checked by default and all users would need to remember to uncheck it before

My page was defined with a .5in top and bottom margin and a .1875in
left/right margin, and I experimented with the margins to try to keep it
from shrinking, but had no luck.  No matter how large I make the margins, it
still shrinks it.

Is there something in a FOP PDF that tells Acrobat that there is content in
the full 8.5x11space and it needs to be scaled down?  Is there any way to
prevent the automatic shrink?


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