Jeff Kowalczyk wrote:
> I'm not sure what the exact name of the PDF feature is, but does FOP
> support, directly or indirectly, the PDF technique that allows the
> end-user of the PDF to click a page area and type in form information?
> I've seen this best done on an IRS Tax Form (1040EZ), but I don't know
> if this is a standard part of the PDF spec,

Forms and and a customized variant of JavaScript are part
of the PDF 1.4 spec. They work somewhat similar to HTML
forms. There could be some limited support constructed
from multi formatting objects (XSLFO spec 6.9), but this
would be awkward. Specifically for embedding forms into
PDF there is a FOP patch providing extension elements
for embedding stuff in the PDF. You'll need a solid
knowledge of the PDF spec to use this, look on the
adobe server:

The extension element will likely be included in the next
FOP maintenance release.

 > or something that is hacked
 > together with proprietary scripting that perhaps only Adobe tools
 > support.

The PDF format and everything it contains is intellectual
property of Adobe and therefore proprietary.


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