Jeff Kowalczyk wrote:
> I will be converting a few paper forms into FOP for rendering into PDF.
> I'm prioritizing reliability of rendering, with precise static layout,
> and compatibility/printing accuracy for the current versions of Adobe
> Acrobat on Windows. These documents won't need to flow or be
> layout-influenced by their content.
> I've worked with SVG, and would find it quite easy to draw the form
> boxes, captions and lines in absolute coordinates in SVG. On the other
> hand, there may be some merit to making traditional PDF text box
> elements with borders, perhaps even tables, assuming row/column/cell
> layout was practical.
> Is there a prevailing wisdom in the FOP community that one way is better
> than the other, or more predictably rendered, or more compatible with
> the Acrobat reader?

In XSLFO, every block element can be absolutely positioned
and can have a border, making boxes. FOP implements absolute
positioning for fo:block-container only, but this is not
really an important restriction. Furthermore, borders for
inline elements are not yet implemented, which can be an
awkward restriction.

I personally prefer a grid layout with a table, perhaps
nested two or three levels, over absolute positioned
blocks or SVG, but that's to a large degree a matter
of taste. A grid layout can often easier deal with
changes, especially insertions, but requires much more
upfront planning.


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