>> I have some questions regarding the external-graphic tag.
>> What part of the fop implementation is it that decides which image
>> that is supported?

>The build process looks which image libraries are in the classpath and
>compiles adapter classes accordingly.

>> Is it the Jimi lib or is it in the fop engine?

>jimi.jar must be in the lib directory during build.

>> When you embed an image with external-graphic does it get encoded in a
>> different format in the PDF?
>> (E.g. is it any difference in XObject for different file types)

>JPEG is embedded as JPEG images, EPS as XObject, SVG as PDF instructions
>and other bitmap formats as (compressed) bitmaps.

>> If I try to include a JPG file the encoding works fine and the image
>> displays in all viewers I have tested.
>> If I try to include a EPS file the encoding works fine but the image
>> NOT display in any viewers at all. BUT vieweng the PDF in a hex editor
>> shows that the corresponding XObject is in there.

>Acrobat reader can't display embedded EPS files, but if you print the
>PDF on a PostScript printer it will we shown.

True embedded EPS files doesnt show in Acrobat,
but I cant get them to print on a PS printer either.
Tried different RIP engines and they give this errormessage:

RIP: PostScript Error:  syntaxerror; OffendingCommand: bin obj seq, type =
128, elements = 1, size = 15365, unused field not zero
RIP: Flushing: rest of job (to end-of-file) will be ignored

>> Hope I made any sence, thanks

>You did. I hope this helps.

Thank you Jeremias,
any further ideas?

>Jeremias Märki


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