i have very bad expierence with fop any cmyk. so i decide to change
to itext. when you wan't to work with fop, i used the pdf-tool PitStop from enfocus
to change the rgb-values and pictures to cmyk.
thomas kübler
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I am currently using FOP 0.20.3 to create a PDF that will be used in newspapers that print using CMYK processes.  When these newspapers use an RGB PDF, they run into lots of problems.  I have searched through the list archive and found very little about the CMYK colorspace in FOP.  I tried to modify the PDFDocument class to default to CMYK, but that doesn't seem to help much.
protected ColorSpace colorspace = new ColorSpace(ColorSpace.DEVICE_CMYK);
Unfortunately, I am also using some SVG elements, but Batik seems to only output RGB elements.  Has anyone successfully used FOP to make a completely CMYK PDF?
(I am checking my results by opening the PDFs in Photoshop and checking the color channels.  When I open the PDF in Photoshop 5.5, the PDF correctly splits into the CMYK channels with black text only appearing on the Black channel.  But when I open it up in Photoshop 6.0, the black text appears as a combination of all 4 color channels instead of 100% black.)

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