I'm not a legal expert, but I think there is no special licence that has
to be respected. There are some patents by Adobe, though. But that
doesn't seem to be a problem. Here's the only relevant page I found
concerning the use of PDF.

A lot of open source products would have problems, if there were licence

> I have a question regarding licensing, with regard to Adobe.
> As I understand, PDF format is owned by Adobe and I'm wondering whether 
> there's any license or legal issues in generating a PDF file.
> What we do with FOP is formatting data into PDF format.
> Is there any license issue here? Do we need to get a consent from Adobe, or 
> something like that?
> How about for bussiness bodies? For example, if  a company were to generate 
> a PDF file using FOP and host the file in its website?
> Is there any legal issue for the rendering of data into PDF format?

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