Another problem: border-width doesn't understand "1px" value, my proposal is 
to extend border_margin_width_Type to allow non negative length values:

  <simpleType name="border_margin_width_Type">
             <union memberTypes="fo:width_Type fo:non-negative-length_Type"/>
       <minLength value="1"/>
       <maxLength value="4"/>
     <!-- "fo:width_Type{1,4} fo:inherit_Type" -->

Where non-negative-length_Type is defined as

<!-- A non negative signed length value where a 'length' is a real number plus 
a unit qualification. A property may define additional constraints on the 
value. -->
   <simpleType name="non-negative-length_Type">
     <restriction base="NMTOKEN">
       <pattern value="[+]?\d+\.?\d*(px|pt|mm|cm|in|em)"/>

Oleg Tkachenko
Multiconn International, Israel

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