> We create an XML file in ASCII of a size 1 MB (the file XML is an order 
of 300 rows), when I launch Fop-parser (fop0.20.3) to converte XML to PDF 
using XSL: > the parser stops when it processes the 28 row with this 
> "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError".
> My system is WinNt 4.0 Server, If you could help me solve the problem in 
some way, I will be greatful.

With certain print jobs, FOP can consume a huge amount of memory. For 
example, I have an XML file of
about 600KB that produces approximately 200 page of tabular data in small 
font sizes. Rendering
this file with FOP is impossible with the SUN VM on Windows, because of 
its memory limit of 1GB. I use
JRockit for his file.

What you need to do relatively soon with FOP is increase the maximum heap 
size of your VM. The
SUN VM has an upper limit of 256MB on Windows by default. Use the -Xmx 
commandline option
to increase the max heap to 512MB. This should be ok for most files.

Another point: Try to find out if the XSLT processor or FOP itself runs 
out of memory by doing
the XSLT transformation separately - with stand-alone XALAN for example.

Hope this helps,

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