Everything you need should be in there. 
See http://xml.apache.org/fop/embedding.html (under "Getting information
on the rendering process") for instructions how to get end results from
the rendering process. To report the progress to the user, you could
intercept the logging messages from FOP. These contain strings like "[1]"
which indicates the current page number being processed. The way to
intercept these notifications is to provide a custom implementation of
the org.apache.avalon.logger.Logger interface. Please mind that this
applies to the current CVS and the upcoming 0.20.4 release. The current
release still works with LogKit. But even there it is pretty simple to
create your own LogTarget to intercept logging messages.

Maybe we could also provide some sort of notification interface that is
being called during processing, but this has to be done first. Want to

> Is there a way to attache a "delegate" or "helper" object to some 
> part of FOP that will result in FOP calling some method I write 
> on it?  I'd like to inform users as to how many pages have been 
> rendered plus give them other possible feedback about their 
> report. For example for a 30,000 page report, say, it might be 
> nice to tell the user that their job is on page 17,500 or 
> whatever.

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