(I was tenpted to send this also to the xml-dev list which I also
read, in the sense of admire the post that swoosh way over my head,
as there has just been a short thread on XML editors; but I cross-post
no more often than I spam).

A curious ommission from the Apache's XML project is an Open
Source XML editor. 

Perhaps the majority of people here use emacs/PSGMLS. But there
must be many who do not wish to. vi users for a start.

A 'proper' XML editor/IDE would be very useful for examining XML
and FO files, parsing and validating them and processing with

Is there already a project in existence that does this?

Would people here contribute to one? I am interested in The
XML Editor, one that would run on the platforms that I use
MacOS and KDE, and also ones that coworkers use, (MS Windows 98).

If so, how should it be licensed, so as to be compatible with
(as a minimum Xerces and Xalan) both now and in the future?

Any thoughts or advice gratefully received.


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