I have a fo document for printing mailing labels and positioning on the printesd 
document needs to be exact. FOP generates a lovely pdf-document. But it doesn't seem 
to be possible to print exactly this document. 
Printing-Settings from Acrobat Reader are:
- shrink papersize is off
- center and turn page is off
The result is a document with a left margin of 0.8cm (maybe from the printer?) 
The labels are positioned 0.8cm to the right. So a part of the right labels is not on 
the paper anymore.

- center and turn page is on
The labels are not correctly centered, the margin at the left and at the right is 

Is there a feature to set a margin for the printer in a FO-document?

Setting the page margin-left to a higher value doesn't work, because the labels will 
be positioned the margin to the right and this will be added to the margin (maybe) 
made fom the printer.

Juergen Lippold

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