Juergen Lippold wrote:
> I'm looking for a way to convert a org.w3c.dom.Document with the FO-Format directly 
>to a PDF-File.
> The following code is running if I use the xxxxx.fo-File written to the harddisk.
> Using the document from memory I get an error:
> [INFO]: building formatting object tree
> [ERROR]: Unknown formatting object null^null
This is most often a symptom of an empty DOM tree.
Getting nodes from somewhere into a DOM document
can be more tricky than most people think, for

You can use an identity transformer to dump your
DOM document onto disk in order to check this:

public void generatePdfFile(Document foDocument, String pdfFileName) {
  //------- dump
     .transform(new DOMSource(foDocument),new StreamResult("dump.fo"));
     Driver driver = new Driver();

     FileOutputStream fos = null;


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