> I am now testing using the glossary xml/xsl files in the example directory,
> but with the same results.  It works fine from the command line, but NPE
> whenever I introduce the SAXResult or SAXSource.  I'm starting to think it
> might be something with me environment.  Also, if I stream it to a file
> using StreamResult, I can then take the resultant fo and use the Fop
> command line utility on that and it is fine.

It is possible that it is a problem involving undeclared namespaces.
GGet a recent Xalan or get Saxon (http://saxon.sourceforge.net) at run
your stylesheet:
   xalan -in foo.xml -xsl foo.xsl -out foo.fo
The Xalan included in the FOP distribution sometimes throws NPEs by
itself and sometimes passes null namespaces to FOP which cause
NPEs, but the latter might be masked by serialisation and reparsing.
A more recent Xalan will provide a proper error message.

> Sorry, the xml.apache.org stated you needed the sax api, not sax.jar -
> xalan should cover this?
Not Xalan, Xerces (included in the FOP distribution.


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