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The discussion has thrown up some interesting points, and I hope to see 
Rhett get involved in this soon.

I hope also that the work Rhett is talking about will give us a solid 
framework for changes to our support framework, both with the JVM and 
possibly with the frequently changing jars that we bundle.  There may be 
other initiatives happening within Apache on that front.


I think a multiplexing classloader would give us a really serious boost with regard to 
flexibility.  This is going to be an extremely important issue not only as JVM 
versions become more important, but also as the differences between each vendor 
interpretation of the VM becomes apparrent.  By supplying a classloader that can, 
based on various properties, deduce the correct class to load, we can keep FOP's 
implementation disentangled from most of these concerns.

The actual act of selecting the correct location for loading a class is really not 
that hard, but a classloader that makes decisions for FOP is something that's going to 
also need someone with good experience in FOP development.  Currently, that person 
isn't me.  I think that maybe if I and someone who's a more core FOP developer could 
get together in private email we could get a good structure for this classloader 
hammered out.  From there, implementation of it would be pretty easy for me to handle.

So, is anyone game?  Like I said, I can write it, but if I design this thing in a 
vacuum, it may not be nearly as good as it could be.

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