Hi Peter,

I'm 100% with you, keeping in mind Arved's comments however - the success of 
using bugzilla more will depend on the most active people paving the way.

I'm coming to the same conclusions in my commercial projects: tracking tools 
(we recently selected bugzilla for a major project) combined with CVS and 
mailing lists are very efficient for project management and "micro-planning". 
Open-source projects are leading the way here IMHO, showing examples of loose 
communities that work together very efficiently.

BUT this is assuming people are willing to communicate openly and put 
teamwork high on their list.

Another plus for bugzilla is the file attachments that stay with the 
discussion - can be invaluable for loosely-coupled design discussions. 
Digital shots of handwritten design documents (or super-clean Together 
ControlCenter UML diagrams ;-) would increase the "inter-brain bandwidth" a 
lot IMHO.


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