Keiron Liddle schrieb:
> Hi,
> In order to improve the information, process and updating I suggest we
> start using better document systems.
> Forrest is the first thing that will help us here. With a supplement to
> the sitemap (not sure how to do this) we can also display FOP better. We
> can have a real examples page, show basic examples of XML+XSL to PDF, FO
> to PDF, PS, PCL etc, show SVG to PDF. Also we could display examples of
> functionality and bugs that should be updated with updates to the code.
> Better feedback, faster updates. What more could you ask.



> Forrest is not live yet so after the release would be a good time to get
> this started.


> Any questions, comments?

I need to have a closer look at Forrest first
(and my Coocon knowlege is .. well .. rather limited at the moment)

There are some issues with the (old) documentation for the maintenance 
branch which I will bring up in an extra mail.

> Regards,
> Keiron.


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