Thanks a lot. I've had the same problem two weeks ago and made a mental
note to investigate. I'm happy that I don't have to find it myself, now.
It's interesting: There were/are quite a few bugs like this in our
renderers. I've fixed one of them recently for letter-spacing. I hope we
find them all, eventually. Again, thanks. I'll do the change this
evening so this goes into 0.20.4.

No need to send the whole file. Normally, we prefer a CVS unified diff,
but this would be overkill for this issue. 

> I am working on a project using FOP to produce PDF documents. The situation
> now was, that our customer said a font size of 7pt would be too small, but
> 8pt turned out to be too big, because some contents did not fit into the
> documents' table cells. Since the PDF specification allows fractional font
> size so e.g. 7.5pt, I wondered why FOP could not produce such values.
> Investigating FOP's source code I found the following line in class
> PDFRenderer within method renderWordArea(..):
> pdf = pdf.append("/" + name + " " + (size / 1000) + " Tf\n");
> The integer operation size / 1000 causes fractional font sizes, that have been 
>specified in the FO input and are now contained in variable size, to
> become whole-numbered values.
> If one simply replace the line by
> pdf = pdf.append("/" + name + " " + (((float)size) / 1000f) + " Tf\n");
> to perform a float calculation FOP is able to produce fractional font size!
> Perhaps you are interested in this change, or do you see any problems? If you like, 
>I could send you the whole PDFRenderer file (fop0.20.3).

Jeremias Märki

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