Hi all,

I'm trying to use a servlet to generate a dynamic image and am seeing 
the following error:

6/26/02 3:16 PM -- 
6/26/02 3:16 PM -- Could not load external SVG: The current document 
is unable to create an element of the requested type (namespace: 
http://www.w3.org/2000/svg, name: head).Error while creating area : 
No ImageReader for this type of image 
(http://localhost:8080/client/DoGet Image?w=200&h=100&leftmargin=1.5)

The relevant FO source is:


The image displays fine in a browser, but after adding some logging 
code to the servlet it appears that FOP is not calling it at all. 
Does anybody know what might be causing this error (querystring in 
the URL, use of a port number, etc)?

Much thanks,
Joel Stevenson

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