Hi there!

I am currently working on an online-editing system for newspapers using FOP.
Therefore a Xml-File is generated which consists of serveral chapters
containing several 
I want to create a table of content for the whole newspaper containing the
headlines of each 
chapter_article as well as the adjacent page-number.

Actually I want this system to be independent of the input so I don`t know
how many articles 
the newspaper is going to contain.  Therefore I automatically create
id-attributes for each new 
headline using xsl:generate-id.. but the problem is I cannot refer to this
generated ids!!  The 
command fo:page-number-citation contains "ref-id=" but I don`t know how to
tell FOP that it 
should use the internal created id-attributes here!  I didn`t find any
documentation about this 
kind of problem.  Maybe you could help me?

Thanks in advance,
Marion from Vienna

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